Instructions if your child has participated in The First Tee programming before:

Registration for Spring Programs will open after the start of the new year. To ensure that you are able to register returning participants (your children or others affiliated with your account), please use the login email address that you have used in the past and go through the steps to reset your password in our new registration portal.


We ask that you do not create a new account at this time as participants affiliated with your account will not automatically be displayed.

Below are the steps to reset your password to your account:



Step 2:  From the login page, click “Forgot Password?” hyperlink


Step 3: Enter your login email address and click Submit


Step 4: Open your email and click on the new hyperlink provided to set up a new password

Step 5: Use this Email Address and Password to sign your child up

If you need technical assistance or have questions, please contact one of our office staff.