Spring 2023 Golf and Life Skills Registration

What is the curriculum?

The curriculum centers around three primary areas that are seamlessly integrated into each lesson:
1) Safe, fun introduction and advancement to the lifelong sport of golf
2) Character and health education — personal and social responsibility
3) Motor Skills development and concept learning

All participants ages 7 and up are invited to participate in a Skills Challenge as well as a Participants Tournament, date TBD. We will have separate registration forms for these two events available on our website.

$150 for 10 – 2 hour sessions, $125 fee for 10 – 1.5 hour sessions, or $100 for 9 – 1 hour Target sessions

*ALL Enrollees Ages 5-6 will be at Target Level**

$5.00 Annual membership fee is now REQUIRED to register for all Golf and Life Skills Classes

*See our website for membership benefits*

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our office at (850) 456-7010.

Spring Programming Sites and Registration

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